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    Too many speculators avoid commodity option trading strategies because of the perception of difficulty.  However, with a little practice, trading options on futures contracts will become second nature.  In our opinion, the effort put into learning commodity option strategies is well worth the effort.  Not only does option trading reduce the volatility and risk of trading in commodities, but it also increase the odds of success if employed correctly.  Our goal is to provide futures market participants with the resources needed to learn to trade commodity options in a manner optimal to their risk tolerance and trading risk capital.  

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  • a trader's first book on commodities

    A Trader's First Book on Commodities is a book written by experienced futures broker, Carley Garner, and published by FT Press. The goal of this futures and option trading book is to walk beginning traders through the process of getting started in trading in commodities.   A Trader's First Book on Commodities won't necessarily help traders to learn to trade commodities, but it will help them to avoid the common pitfalls often discovered by green futures traders.

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    A commodity broker is a firm or individual who facilitates the execution of orders to by or sell commodity futures contracts on behalf of clients. Facilitating trading execution might entail accepting the commodity orders of clients' via phone or electronic communication for placement with the exchange, or it might be providing clients with a reliable futures trading platform, and prompt trading support. 

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    Commodity options are option contracts written with a particular commodity futures contract as the underlying asset.  A commodity option buyer has purchased the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a futures contract at the strike price of the option.  The seller of the commodity option, has accepted the burden of "delivering" the underlying futures contract at the named strike price of the option.  

    "Commodity Options" is also the title of a book written by Carley Garner which outlines several commodity option trading strategies.  

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