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the decarley perspective commodity trading newsletter

The DeCarley Perspective is a trading newsletter with a focus on the commodity futures markets and options on futures trading. It is distributed to commodity trading clients of the DeCarley Trading brokerage service. 

This commodity trading newsletter, written by Mad Money on CNBC, Bloomberg, and RFD-TV contributor, Carley Garner, provides a refreshingly honest and comprehensive perspective of the current commodity and financial market environments. The DeCarley Perspective is distributed several times throughout the month to those with an active commodity brokerage account with DeCarley.  This newsletter covers both the futures and options markets for commodity products such as grains, meats, softs, metals, energies, currencies, interest rates, and stock indices.

In each edition of the newsletter, futures broker Carley Garner, of DeCarley will share insights into fundamental commodity market analysis in addition to the seasonal outlook of various futures markets.   This futures trading newsletters includes a substantial amount of technical analysis performed on the commodity markets, with visual charts to support opinions. "The DeCarley Perspective" may contain specific trading recommendations (primarily option trading strategies) or broad-based commodity trading strategy ideas.

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